Patient Tributes

I've known Howard for 20 years and I love him.  From the first time I met him I experienced this buoyant, ingenious, enthusiastic, engaging, person with a zest for life and a joyous "Joie De Vivre".

It seemed that every time I had to see him it was a personal crisis and I was a nervous hilaria about my teeth.  But Howard is always like a maestro with his "Itzhak Perlman" hands bringing my mouth back to harmony.  He's a mench and a gutte neschama -- and being a healer like his daughter doesn't hurt.

And so I say, Thank You God and Thank You Doctor Howard Wimmer for being you -- and share the priestly blessing of Aaron with you:

"The lord bless you and keep you:

The Lord make his face to shine upon you,

and be gracious to you:

The Lord lift up his countenance upon you,

and give you peace."

Num. 6:24-26

~Owen Patrick Abraham McGuigan

(P.S. My loving wife Esther doesn't know Howard, but would like to tell him "You touched Owen's life in a very special way and I thank you for forever and for always!")


Dr. Wimmer is great! I have known him since 1990.

I have the utmost respect for Dr. Wimmer. I have never met a person that is so honest and has so much integrity.  He is a down to earth people-person leader.

He is such a caring, energetic, and nice person.  Every time I meet him, he greets me with a big warm welcome.  He knows how to make many people feel good about themselves.  He listens when you speak and will give you words of wisdom based on his experience.  When you speak to him, you always get the feeling that he is really concerned.

I live upstate NY and no longer work in the Wall Street area.  But when it is time for me to see the dentist, I will make that commute down to the Wall Street area to see Dr. Wimmer for a teeth cleaning.  You just can't buy that type of loyalty.

His way of being makes people want to be around him.

Mrs. Ann Marie S. Vassell-Wsarbington

Dear Audie,

I was delighted to receive your letter and honored that you would choose me to write something about Dr. Wimmer.  We've all certainly been affected in some way by his wisdom and care.  He is a special man.  You have been through so much in the past year and I'm so glad his words have comforted you. 

The one thing that quickly comes to mind for me is one morning I was there for some work on my teeth.  He always believed in my power as a "beautiful" woman and I was feeling particularly sad that day about my love life.  He said to me "you are a diamond, and even if no one finds you, you are still a diamond." I will never forget his kind words.

All the best to you.
Christine Larkin

In the 20 years that I have known Dr. Wimmer, he has never treated me as a patient but always as a friend.  I always got the feeling that I was not merely a friend, but a best friend.

In the hundreds of hours I've spent in his office I got to know many sides of him.  I was able to see him deal with true compassion when a fundraiser for a school or institution appeared unannounced during a hectic workday.  In addition to his generous contribution came some kind words that normally a person under pressure not having such a warm, great, and kind heart would not be able to do.

I have seen him treat patients who were financially unable to pay for his services totally free, while at the same time making them feel like a million bucks with his uplifting words and comments that gave them the feeling that they were doing him a favor by coming to his office.  I have seen him treat patients in return for something that he treasures much more than money and that is knowledge.  If someone from whom he felt he could gain knowledge and that they would help him grow as a better human being came to him as a patient and that patient was willing to spend time with him in sharing that knowledge, Dr. Wimmer viewed that as the best compensation possible.

Throughout the 20 years, Dr. Wimmer has treated not only me, but my wife and children as well.  He would give us the feeling that we were his only and most important patient.  For many years that is exactly what I thought.  Until last year when we were fortunate to share in the celebration of Dr.Wimmer's son's Bar Mitzvah.  Only then did we discover that we were surrounded by hundreds of Dr. Wimmer's friends who each one of them had felt somehow that Dr. Wimmer made them feel special all the time.  Needless to say at the Bar Mitzvah, we were privileged to hear from many speakers, which included some of Dr. Wimmer's colleagues, friends, and also teachers who praised Dr. Wimmer and spoke about his kindness and his unique ability to treat others with the same generosity, warmth, and compassion that he treats his own family.  And he sure has done an outstanding job in his own family as well.  We were also privileged to find the root of this kind special human being by meeting Dr. Wimmer's parents and learning first-hand about the values that they had instilled in him.  Yet, he would not have been able to do this alone.  His lovely wife Ellen, who is also a pillar of generosity, kindness, and strength, has helped him be the true, kind, and wonderful human being that he is.

The hundred of hours in Dr. Wimmer's chair have given me so much more than root canals, fillings, extractions, and bridges.  They have given me a tremendous education, a wonderful insight into many political and cultural issues.  But most of all they have given me a friendship that I will cherish forever and for that I am extremely grateful.  My sincerest wishes for his continued success and hope you do this again at the 50th anniversary.

Mayer and Bella Altman

Howard has been a good neighbor of ours for the last 20 years on the 30th floor of 39 Broadway.  Even though our relationship is not as cozy as those portrayed in the SOPRANOS brotherhood, we nevertheless have come to like Howard as a helpful, friendly, and always smiley neighbor with a touch of sly humor.  Our daily chats are usually restricted to the elevator ride at 8 am in the morning when we go to work, then to the occasional "step outs" in the men's laboratory (only serious business discussed there) , and his welcome checkup chats during my visits at his office for cleaning and dental work.  I like him because, so far, I needed only one single root canal treatment and he does not try to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge.

We also appreciate his welcome assistance on 9/11, giving us all free face masks for our journey home on that horrible day.  Howard and some of his staff stayed until past noon! We found an old bottle of wine on that day in the office, however no corkscrew was to be found and, as usual, I knew where to go for help. Howard did not have a corkscrew either, but was very inventive with some of his teeth fixing tools in opening the bottle.  If some of his squeezers look bent, you know now why … anyway, this gave us needed pep to leave the office.  Thanks Howard!

We congratulate him for his 20th anniversary and wish him another 20 good years and much success.  Thank you Howard, you are a real good NEIGHBOR and a Mensch.

Peter Jordi and staff

Many years ago while working as an attorney in an office located at 39 Broadway, I made a fortuitous choice, and started using Dr. Wimmer as my dentist. In addition to acquiring a wonderful dentist, I discovered that I had met an engaging, compassionate, witty, and insightful human being that was developing into one of my closest friends and confidants. I suddenly found myself looking forward to going to the dentist.

About 10 years ago, I changed professions and became a Rabbi of a Synagogue where my duties include guiding and counseling others. I however have discovered my own "rabbi" at the dentist office at 39 Broadway. 

I wish Dr. Wimmer continued professional and personal success and growth.

(Rabbi) Philip Weinberger

My mom, Anna Miranda, has been a patient of Dr. Wimmer's for years. She is a wonderful woman, mother, and wife. However, she is not such an easy patient to deal with. Yet Dr. Wimmer consistently shows patience, care, and thoughtfulness with her. He sets aside the language barrier that exists and deals with her repetitive questions, haggling, and sometimes paranoia.

My most recent memory is when one of Dr. Wimmer's assistants was kind enough, to call me at work to let me know that she had her wisdom teeth pulled but was doing fine. I remember joking with the assistant and saying -- but how is Dr. Wimmer doing?!?

Best of luck and continued success for Dr. Wimmer.

Donna Miranda Tamburrino

Some 15 years ago Dr. Wimmer was recommended to me and I followed through by making an appointment.  When he was finished with the problem at hand, he paused and asked me if I had ever considered having my teeth match my big smile.  That question struck a nerve.  I had always felt that my teeth were just awful; however I was sure there was nothing I could do about their structure.  This was the first time a dentist had ever given me any hope of having "normal" teeth.  That was the beginning of a major change in my life.

What a difference the laminates have made in my smile!!! My sister made it very clear when she saw me for the first time after they were done, she exclaimed, Oh Oh Oh what a difference!!!

Dr. Wimmer is a special person in my life.  He is a talented, skilled professional with understanding, patience, and a keen sense of humor that puts him in a class by himself.  He has always been ready to do the "impossible" in order to get the perfect fit or look.

Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary.  Thanks for being you and doing what you do best - caring to the limit for your patients.  You are loved and appreciated.

Mary O'Hara

At first reading, I was livid with jealousy.  Who is this person implying “my” Dr. Wimmer was hers? And then it struck me. Hey, I said to myself, I guess the reality is that “my” Dr. Wimmer has had to indeed brighten many other lives as much as he does mine because that’s who he is.  He is the most sincere man I have ever known and look forward to him forever.  As long as there are still teeth in my mouth (and I am counting on them) my visits to “my” Dr. Wimmer will always ring with damn near as much excitement as if compared to any world cruise or tropical vacation.

How lucky we all are for one beautiful person like you.  Who’dda thought it, a toothache, a call to a dental office, and a friend for life. 

You never know where you’ll be lucky enough to find someone who touches your soul.

Lorraine Turchio

My first appointment with the doctor was over a year ago
Since then my fondness and respect for him certainly did grow
He genuinely cares, he is a man with a heart
His idealism and sincerity set him apart.

His respect for people I can unequivocally state
He is a dentist with patients who hardly wait!
A family man who takes pride in his kids
A terrific role model he certainly is.

A man with a vision and clarity of mind
With a thirst for knowledge which is hard to find
He is a man of peace in a way which is true
He is kind, generous, and compassionate too.

We wish him the best with his family, children, and wife
Happiness, health, and success in a wonderful long life!

~ Rabbi Mayer Friedman

Dear Dr. Wimmer,

You are always there when I need you, even for the smallest and slightest problem (which I have now, my upper left eye tooth, again). 

Wishing you many happy and healthy years ahead in your practice, plus much happiness, joy, and health in your marriage.

Good Luck

Good Health

To you and yours



Nancy Cantus

When Dr. Wimmer comes bounding into the room the yelling "Tessie" you know he is ready to dig right in!!!

Dr. Wimmer really enjoys what he does, although I can't always say the same.  He is really a great guy with a terrific sense of humor.

He is a mensch!

A grateful patient

Antony Gracci

Having known Howard for many years professionally and socially, we have always referred to him as our fourth son.

We have always found Dr. Wimmer available and helpful in times of stress and pain.

We consider him more than our Dentist, but a valued friend.

We wish him and his family health, happiness, and long life.

Phyllis-Milton Weiss

I am 88 years old and have been a patient of Dr. Wimmer for 22 years.  My wife, Mildred, was also a patient until she passed away in 1997.

I was very very happy to find such a great man.  Everyday something happens -- never a dull moment.  My teeth fall out, break, root canal work, etc.  But nothing bothers me because I have a wonderful dentist who takes good care of me at reasonable prices.

God Bless him.  He always has a smile and is always happy.

Sincerely and Good Luck

Abraham Frank

When my wife was pregnant, Howie reminded me that the sex of the child is irrelevant.  Because boys and girls are equally important and precious.  Later, the same day, one of his daughters dropped by the office for a visit, and I could clearly see a proud father that was beaming. 

Kudos to Howie!


Dr. Ron Ganik

Dr. Wimmer is a winner in my mouth. He has been there for me through almost every toothache. Sometimes I feel like I've been married to him because we share almost the same amount of years in marriage.

Anyone asking for a dentist, I always recommend Dr. Wimmer. He always has a smile and a pleasant attitude when I see him.  I have tried other dentists but they have not come up to standard. He and his staff have been wonderful to me.

Dr. Wimmer is a winner in my book.


Ada Kendall 

I met Dr. Wimmer about 4-5 years ago when I was searching for a dentist in downtown Manhattan, as I worked at the World Trade Center.  My first visit with him was very nice as he was so kind, funny and might I add charming! I had the routine x-rays and oral exam and to my surprise no cavities.  Although, I shouldn't have been too surprised as I take very good care of my teeth.  I floss every chance I get and brush after every meal (a.k.a. the Floss Queen).  Having braces for 2 years and being concerned with the way my teeth/smile look, I have always been big on dental hygiene.  Although one concern of mine, which was noticeable to Dr. Wimmer as well was a discoloration on my two front teeth.  No amount of brushing would remove this as it was permanent.  This was due to the fading of the enamel caused by years of taking antibiotics for kidney troubles. Every visit thereafter we would discuss the possibility of putting veneers on these two teeth.  I was reluctant at first because I wasn't sure if it would look natural or how he would match the color, size, and shape to my natural teeth.  It wasn't like I was doing the whole mouth, which is easy to do as all the teeth will look the same no matter what (color, shape, and size).  He assured me that he has been doing this since 1984 and hasn't had a complaint yet, and I did see pictures of clients who had this same procedure done and I was impressed to say the least.  He was so confident that he said if I wasn't happy I wouldn't have to pay!! Since the discoloration did bother me and I thought how much happier I would be if only I could fix it, I agreed to let him "work his magic". Honestly, I have to admit, after starting the process I started to feel regret and was anxious to see the end result.  Dr. Wimmer assured me every step of the way that I would be very pleased in the end. 

Well, on March 15, 2001 at 6:00 p.m. I walked into his office and was led to an exam room where the final touch was made and when I looked in the mirror I could not believe how beautiful my teeth looked!!! Every question I had he was happy to answer, I would call him three and four times a day and he never sounded annoyed.  He was patient and understanding all the way through.  Throughout the whole process Dr. Wimmer literally held my hand and reassured me of how happy and beautiful I was going to look and he was right.  It was one of the best investments I have made, and thanks to the patience, honesty and excellent dental skills of Dr. Wimmer I smile with confidence now!

On another note, I too worked at the World Trade Center.  I was fortunate enough to have survived that day as I was not in the building.  I did however witness the second plane hit my building.  I watched as people were hanging and some jumping from the burning windows.  I ran for my life as I made it to the south ferry and got the last boat to Staten Island where my Mother lives.  Being an only child you can imagine the fear and heartache my Mother was experiencing when she watched the buildings fall and had not yet heard from me.  I couldn't call her as my cell phone went dead and the lines for pay phones were blocks long.  My main concern at that point was to get off of the Island of Manhattan and home to my Mom, which by the grace of God I did just that.  When I finally reached my Mom we hugged each other for hours, cried and prayed for all of the victims and their families who were not as fortunate as I was that day.  I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband, my prayers are with you and your family as well.  Dr. Wimmer remembered that I worked at the World Trade Center and had one of the receptionists call me to see if I was okay, that meant a lot to me.  My company has since relocated to Mid-town, but I will continue to travel downtown to stay with Dr. Wimmer, he is the best dentist I have ever had!! I have to also compliment his staff as they are always friendly and welcoming.  Jo is my hygienist and she is the best too!


Melinda Soteropoulos

Nowadays you have to wonder about a person who is particularly nice to you for no reason.  After 2 years, two root canals, one crown and endless cavities (it's genetic), I've come to know that Dr. Wimmer is the real thing. 

The first time I met Dr. Wimmer, I had just been given some rather unpleasant dental news and having had 'one of those days', I was on the verge of tears.  Dr. Wimmer immediately sensed my despair and brought me a huge box of Kleenex.  As he comforted me, he couldn't help but smile broadly, and I've since learned that's a rather persistent habit of his.  Throughout the exam, he didn't let a single tear fall down my face, as he kept catching them with the tissues, or with the bib around my neck. 

Now my visits are much more cheerful.  Our favorite pastimes are riding my scooter around the office, talking politics, and watching golf and cooking shows… and I guess he does some work in between. 

Going to the dentist has never been a pleasant experience for me.  Now, even though the drills and the needles haven't changed, somehow I leave the office with a smile every time… It may be a twisted smile from the Novocain, but it's a smile. 

Dr. Wimmer, I think that when you learned in dental school that your job would be to give people nice big smiles, you took it a bit literally.

I'm glad you did.

Thank you.


I am very pleased to have Dr.Wimmer as my dentist now and for the last past 20 years.  For most of my life, I have been very afraid of visiting a dentist's office, but Dr. Wimmer changed all of that for me.  In many ways, my perception of a dentist has not been the same since I have met him.  I am proud to say that Dr. Wimmer hasn't been just a dentist to me, but also a friend who has made me feel very comfortable under his care.  Oftentimes he has made me feel so relaxed, when visiting his office, that I find it interesting that I look forward to my visits. 

Throughout the years, by rearranging his time to fit my needs, Dr. Wimmer has accommodated my "after work" schedule which sometimes conflicted with his.  In addition, I have always found it commendable that Dr. Wimmer took personal interest in my dental care, as well as my concerns cosmetically. To me, his own personal style of doing things has made him quite unique.

During my many visits, we have literally grown together in terms of time and accomplishments.  I've always enjoyed the many conversations between us concerning family, career, entertainment, sports, religion, the economy and several other things of interests. Dr. Wimmer has his way of making you feel like not just a patient, but special.

I am so grateful to have Dr. Wimmer in my life not only as a dentist, but also as a friend. He has always demonstrated towards me sincere patience and genuine understanding. 

Beverly Thomas

I cannot express to you the appreciation and respect that I have for the work and character of Dr. Wimmer.  He has been my doctor for at least 14 years. He has always been patient with me from the first day I sat in his chair. 

He and his staff have always made me feel like I am Dr. Wimmer's only patient.  They make me feel special. Dr. Wimmer and his trusty sidekick Tess know my mouth and me.  There's a lot of laughing and joking when I enter the office.  I sometimes leave the office with discomfort, but I am always happy with the end result.  He has turned my frown into what I believe to be a wonderful smile.  He has pulled me through and held my hand during extractions, apicoectomy, root canals, caps, veneers, bridges etc. 

He has been there for me through the break-ups, the birth of my son, my lay-offs and new career endeavors.  And still keeps me laughing through my pain. I have sent so many of my friends and family to his office, because I trust him and his work.  I don't have a problem changing my eye doctor, GYN, and/or medical doctor.  But I will never ever change my dentist. You are stuck with me Dr. Wimmer forever. 

To you Dr. Wimmer I love you, thanks for your many years of expertise and most of all thanks for enhancing my smile. 

Sylvia Johnson

When Howard Wimmer and I first met, I was not yet 20 years old. Through example, he taught me invaluable lessons about people, relationships, and hard work.  While Howard has also performed some small miracles in keeping my mouth healthy, what I will always remember and cherish most is his friendship. 

I wish Howard the happiness and luck he so well deserves on this special anniversary.


Daniel Margulies

I have been a patient of Dr. Wimmer’s for five years.  He is a gentle and caring doctor.  Recently he made a lower bridge for me and said that in his 20 years of practice my bridge was the second hardest he had to make.  Congratulations Dr. Wimmer on 20 years of service to the Wall Street community and all your patients. Best of luck on your twenty third wedding anniversary and many more years of service, health, and happiness.

Your friend and thankful patient,
Fran Mack

I was away for several weeks, and I only got home the day before yesterday (8/28).  That is when I found your letter of August 8th regarding Dr. Wimmer.  I was so, so happy when I read your letter and about what you were going to do about the doctor.  I am so glad that someone like you recognized his talents and what a wonderful human being he is.

I believe I was one of his first patients.  It was in 1982 (over 20 years ago) when I worked for a law firm at 1 New York Plaza.  It was in the summer of that year when I experienced such a pain in my mouth that I knew I needed a dentist.  Since I was not with the firm that long, I had to ask permission to see a dentist.  I had to find someone near where i worked because the firm gave me a time limit, thereby I could not travel uptown to the regular dentist that I had.

It so happens that he was right at 39 Broadway, and it was only approximately 8 blocks away from my office.  Anyway, when I went up to the office, I felt like I knew this man all my life.  He was the most compassionate, caring dentist I had ever met.  He took care of my problem, and told me to come back to check my teeth again.  From then on up to the present time, I still see Dr. Wimmer, even though I left my law firm in 1993.  I travel from Jackson Heights in Queens to visit him when he sends me notices about every 6 months that it is time for a checkup.  If it were not for him, I don't think I would have the teeth that I have today. 

Mrs. Marks, he has done so much work on my teeth for over 20 years and never once did I have any real pain.  Besides his always asking the patient, "does it hurt", he knows exactly what he is doing, he is up-to-date on all the new ways of doing things, on the type of equipment he needs, how to take short cuts without hurting the person's mouth.  He knows exactly what kind of medicine one needs for his or her teeth.  Also, before he starts working on your mouth, he always asks if you are alright - if you feel okay - and then he says "just stay calm, you'll be fine".  So many times I have heard him say this and he's always right.

Dr. Wimmer is also a very interesting person himself - when you ask him about his family he always has something good to say and always very happy.

I was a patient of his when he was having his second child, and he was so thrilled about it.  It always made me happy when he started to have more children.  Yet, it never interfered with his work.

I always looked forward to my appointments with him because everything always turned out wonderful.  I've been through root canals, tooth losses, gum disease, partial plate (twice).  I could go on but today my teeth feel fine.  He is worried, at present, about one front tooth that may be coming out.  However, knowing that he's there when I need him, I do not think about it.

He also has been very generous in giving me toothbrushes that are up to date, dental floss, etc.  He always gives me confidence and he always has a positive attitude.  If he knows something is seriously wrong with your mouth or teeth, he will tell you in such a way that one does not have to worry.  He seems to have a solution for everything.

I am so happy that he has been successful, because in the beginning it was a little hard for him.  I sent up many secretaries from where I worked to him and every one of them was pleased.  He treated everyone equally.  I never in all the 20+ years that I have gone to him seen him in need.  He is, in my estimation, the most considerate, patient, interesting, and thoughtful person I have ever known and he can always be relied on.  He is always there when you need him.

I thank God for having him as my dentist, and God most certainly must watch over him, and shower him with blessings.  He deserves so much, and again I am so happy that he will be recognized as a true humanitarian.  I know all of his patients must feel as I do.

One more thing - he treats his office staff with the same respect he has for his patients.  His assistant, Tess, must be with him for over 16 years.  She is another person who takes her job very seriously, and he has taught her throughout the years everything one has to know to be what she is today.  He never forgets the people (clerical) who come and go.  He has kind words for everyone.

I always say to him that if I ever hit the "jackpot" big - Lotto, Take 5, or Mega Millions, he would be right up there on my list.  He just laughs and says nothing.  I hope he knows I mean it when I say this.

All I can say is I wish all dentists were like him.  That, I'm sure, will never be.

Lots of luck on your book and thanks for your invitation for me to give you my stories with Dr. Wimmer.

I could go on and on, but I would have to pull out all my info on Dr. Wimmer and what he has done to keep my mouth in such good condition.

Again, good luck with your book and God Bless you.

Elaine Walsh

I had the pleasure of meeting Howard when I was first referred to him for his accounting and tax work.  I don't recall exactly, but I think it was about 13 or 14 years ago.  The first thing I noticed about Howard when I met him was his boundless reservoir of energy and good cheer.  He is always fun to be around, he is a positive, upbeat individual, full of warmth, and someone that you feel privileged to call your friend.  Over a decade later, that has not changed.  On the contrary, age certainly has not diminished his energy and zest, and it still continues to be a pleasure to speak with him on the phone and be with him in person; and share in his optimism, friendship, and energy!

An interesting observation I have made about Howard, is the degree to which he is charitable to those in need.  Rather than elaborating, out of deference to his likely desire for modesty, I just thought it was important to note how caring and generous of a person he is, and the sense of balance with which he greets friends, family, colleagues, and patients.

I look forward to many, many more years of friendship with Dr. Wimmer, and I wish him and his family only the best of happiness and good health for many decades to come.


Kive I. Strickoff, CPA

Dr. Howard Wimmer has been my dentist for the past 15 years and I can sum him up with just one word: he is a magnificent mensch.

He has done a great deal of work on my mouth and when that is necessary he leaves his office and walks me to the ladies room and waits in the hall to walk me back. Not many people would do that.  And on occasion, he has walked me down to the lobby and out on the street to hail a cab because he knew I was in pain and a little wobbly.

Further, he knows I am on a limited income, so he sees that his charges are more than reasonable.  He makes his dentistry available to me and for that I am grateful.

If there is one, I wish I could attend his testimonial, but now I am old and sick and you will have to celebrate without me.

Blanche Waldbaum

Dr. Wimmer is an excellent dentist, and I actually enjoy going to his office.  Not too many people can say that about their dentist!

He is a talented professional, and a real perfectionist, which is rare these days.  He saved my teeth from possible extinction (resulting from the less-than-perfect dentists I had been to before!).  Since I have been going to him, I never have trouble with my teeth or gums.  He is someone I can really trust.  And my husband feels the same way.

And of course, Dr. Wimmer is a really nice guy, as I'm sure everyone will agree.

This blending of skill, real caring, and a pleasant personality makes for a great combination in one human being.

Dr. Wimmer, thank you and congratulations on 20 years of high-quality service!!

Lynne Evans and Richard Fuchs

Dr. Wimmer has been my dentist since 1987.  He also has taken care of my children's teeth.  The best thing I can say about Dr. Wimmer is he has been a God send to me.

Over the course of the years, of knowing Dr. Wimmer, he has been a friend as well as my dentist.  I am on disability due to a back injury on the job.  I have not worked since 1994.  As you can imagine, I have no dental coverage.  Dr. Wimmer worked out a plan to suit my financial ability.  He has also tried to find work for me to do while on disability.  Unfortunately, that didn't work out for me at the time.

He is a great humanitarian.  He deserves all the recognition for both.

I wish him all the best and continued success.

Sabrina DeBouse

I am a fairly new patient of Dr. Wimmer, compared to other long-standing patients he has.  However, in the time I have known Dr. Wimmer, I am grateful for his expertise, caring ways, and commitment to his work.

In particular, my front tooth needed a new cap, and little did we know the trouble it would cause replacing it.  Dr. Wimmer did not give up or compromise his standards in terms of the looks of the tooth.  He worked with the lab for a couple of weeks until the result was satisfactory to both him and me.  I am sure he was quite frustrated, but he never let on.

I had a side practice for years as an astrologer and was very pleased that when Dr. Wimmer and I discussed it he showed respect and openness to a somewhat avant-garde profession.  He is an open-minded person who believes in the possibility of alternative healing, and new ways to help his patients.  I find that quite refreshing compared to other dentists and doctors I have met.  He is a caring, giving, man -- and a great dentist.  I am so glad that I was recommended to him.

Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts.

With kind regards,
Terri Kravetz

I am a short-term patient of Dr. W.  He always takes a call and answers inquiries.  I needed a crown and he got it right the 1st time!

I needed a root canal and gum surgery.  Dr. W. hires the best man for the job.

He's always pleasant and compassionate.

Amy DePaulo

At age 62 I retired after having been a para-legal in Boston, New York and Maine.  I was now free -- my daughter was in New York and I was offered a new career there as administrative assistant to a movie producer. I locked my home here in Maine and went to New York with the idea that I would stay a few months.  A few months turned out to be 18 years and I finally retired back to Maine at age 78 in 1999.

When I arrived in New York, I phoned Dr. Sam Cope here in Maine to recommend a good dentist.

The good dentist was and is Dr. Wimmer.

My first appointment was September 29. 1986.

In 1987 I decided that I wanted to have 12 teeth bonded, not veneered.  On my next appointment with Dr. Wimmer I told him I would love to have this done providing he could complete the work in ONE day.  He thought a bit and said "ok if you think YOU could sit for such a long appointment" .  I arrived at 10 A.M. and sat for twelve hours with Jo by my side.  At 10 P.M. the job was done.  I decided I would not look into the mirror until the next day with full make-up, etc.  At 10:30 P.M. Dr. Wimmer, Jo and I were standing in front of 39 Broadway awaiting a car to pick me up.  Was I happy with what I saw the next day - You bet I was!

By 1994 my bonding was wearing thin and I had read so much about porcelain veneers. As usual, Dr. Wimmer did a great job - love those veneers.

I believe it was in 1995 when I chipped a back tooth.  The next morning at 7:30 A.M., I phoned Dr. Wimmer's office and HE answered the phone and said "Come right in".  He said it would be a temporary filling.  P.S. - that temporary filling is doing well as of this day.

My last appointment with Dr. Wimmer was in March 2001 when I was going to New York to visit my daughter who was taking me to Las Vegas for my 80th birthday.  Upon our return from Las Vegas, I had an appointment with Dr. Wimmer for a regular visit and a sensitive back tooth.  He did a little drilling, filling, etc. and said "This is a little birthday present".  Upon my return to Maine, I related this story to my friends and they all had remarks like "what a freebie in New York - a dentist - never in Maine --Never heard such a story".  I replied - "it's not New York, it's Dr. Wimmer - a very special person".

I never minded my dentist appointment as this meant I would be in the downtown area where I had worked in the late 40's and early 50's - 51 Chambers St.  Downtown brought back memories of my younger years when Dr. Wimmer wasn't even born.  I always planned my appointment with Dr. Wimmer so that I could walk around the Farmer's Market at WTC, shop at Century 21 - eat a hamburger on the 2nd floor of McDonalds so that I could hear the white-haired gentleman play the piano.

Cindy Adams has it right.  "Only in New York, kids, only in New York"!

THANKS DR. WIMMER for giving me a smile that is very rare at this age.  I get comments all the time.  "How did you keep your teeth so beautiful at this age?" It's not a secret -- it's Dr. Wimmer!!!!

May you have many many healthy happy years ahead.

Jeanette Giroux

Dr. Wimmer has been my dentist for over 18 years.  He's a wonderful dentist and a very nice man.  I found him to be honest and truthful, and he knows me well enough to know that if I don't like something I will let him know up front, but that doesn't happen often!!

Thank you Dr. Wimmer!

Rosa Johnson

I first knew that Dr. Wimmer was a good dentist when he returned to me after examining my x-rays and asked how old I was.  It was possible that if I was old enough, it might be preferable to wait out the necessary surgery and welcome death as the alternative.  Needless to say, I chose surgery.  He then said that my cavity was so deep, I should probably see a chiropodist.  (No, no -- that was Woody Allen.)

Due to Dr. Wimmer and my own negligence, I was able to learn a whole new vocabulary:  periodontal, bonding, crowns, dentures, endodontics, resin, extraction, bridgework, cavitron, gingevitis, quadrant, inlay, floss, and best of all, Sensodine.  He was supportive, generous, caring, funny, and wonderful --every painful step of the way.

Congratulations Dr. Wimmer on your 20 years -- and remember, don't drink for a half hour -- and don't eat anything for 3 hours.


Buddy Ladd

Dr. Wimmer has been my dentist for nearly 10 years.  He first gained my full respect as an artist when he fixed my smile with the most beautiful and natural looking veneers you can imagine.  He did his magic quickly, appreciating my limited time and fear of being seen during the process, so he worked to expedite the process and finished in one day!

I have grown to love his crazy ways, and he is always there for me, working to take care of me despite his busy schedule every time I have an emergency.

But Dr. Wimmer and I formed a new and everlasting bond on September 11, 2001.  I was in his chair in his 39 Broadway office at 8:30 that morning, and while he was drilling my tooth we heard an explosion.  He looked out at the beautiful sky and said, "That sounded like thunder, but there's not a cloud in the sky.  That must have been a bomb that went off!"

It wasn't until he finished my tooth and we went out to the front desk that we found out that there had been an explosion in the WTC! A patient waiting for the next appointment had been in the Trade Center plaza when the explosion happened, and she was hysterical telling us about the fire and the papers and debris falling everywhere.  Then Dr. Wimmer's wife called and told us that it had been a low flying plane that hit the first Tower.  We all speculated about how could that possibly have happened?!

I went to the ladies room and that's when the second plane hit.  When I came running out, he was there to tell me what happened.  We ran down the hall to see the towers from the end office.  Although we were on the 39th floor, there was still a building blocking our view.  He asked me to stay and call my family, but I decided instead to leave and ran back to my office. 

I was very sorry I hadn't taken him up on his offer to make a call since my cell phone didn't work.  I ran back to my office on Maiden Lane and then was finally able to call my husband and parents to tell them that I was OK.  I had called my husband on my way into his office that morning, so he knew how close I was to the Trade Center and was worried to death. 

Dr. Wimmer's phones went down that day, and I wasn't able to talk to him to find out how he was for several weeks.  The tooth that he had drilled on the 11th needed a root canal, but God was good and I didn't feel a bit of pain until October 11th, allowing me to do my job for that month (I'm in telecom at Goldman Sachs) and allowing Dr Wimmer's office to reopen before the pain began.  Once again, he took my emergency call and made sure I got the root canal.  It was the first time we'd seen one another, and it was great to see him safe and in business!

I'm so glad you are writing this memoir, and glad you contacted me to be a part of it.  He is a very special doctor and a very special man, and I'm glad he knows how much he is appreciated! Thank you!

Written by Karen Daidone,
September 2002